POE-MA Assistance

Poe-ma assistance is a provider of broad non-medical assistance & global emergency medical services for travelers or expatriates in South East Asia (Cambodia, Myanmar & Laos).

The service provided by Poe-ma assistance is in fact the “after sales service” of the independent insurance companies covering health, life, travel, assistance, and so on of the travelers or expatriates.

Poe-ma assistance works with a network of local providers thoroughly selected and by recommending such service provider, Poe-ma assistance can ensure that the travelers or expatriates will have the best service available on site.

It would be unrealistic and restrictive to list the services offered when Poe-ma assistance is committed to solve every problems the traveler or expatriate is facing. So it is only possible to give some non-exhaustive examples…

Non-exhaustive examples

  •  Non-medical assistance 

    • Advice and assistance to replace lost document/luggage with the relevant Embassy or administrative department,
    • Organizing emergency travel arrangements for patients and relatives,
    • Organizing return of minor children
    • Re-scheduling flights, ticketing, booking, taxi transfer
    • Emergency message transmission
    • Non-medical escort,
    • Arranging the return of a car,
    • Medicine delivery,
    • Emergency cash advance,
    • Assistance for cancelling lost or stolen credit card
    • Interpretation and translation Referral,
    • Embassy and Consular information
    • Legal Referral
    • Compassionate visit at hospital

  •  Global medical assistance 

    • Provision of information on the best suitable hospitals, clinics, laboratories for medical treatments
    • Referral of doctors and specialists consultation
    • Hospital admission and Discharge
    • Medical monitoring in and out patient
    • Provision for medical report in English
    • Arrangement of any medical transportation to the hospital or relevant doctor
    • 24h Ambulance services arrangement
    • Medical escort with medical team
    • Negotiation and control quotation from hospital, clinics, doctors, etc
    • Arrangement of medical second opinion request and follow up
    • Medical expenses Guarantee of payment issuance
    • Hospital payment by insurers arrangement
    • Medical monitoring, Fit to Fly issuance,
    • Medical evacuation or repatriation organization, aid to choose of the best solution available,
    • Arrangement of repatriation of mortal remains

  •  Ressources 

    • 24h 7/7 emergency line
    • Multi-lingual assistants
    • Permanent follow up with insurers
    • Network of service providers
    • Wheelchair, stretcher, leg rest, oxygen

  •  Service providers 

    • Charter or commercial airline companies
    • Clinics, hospitals, doctors and specialists
    • Pharmacists
    • Medical escort team
    • Hotels, travel agencies
    • In each division, service providers for transport by car, by river when possible, by air

Our Services

Availability 24/7
Myanmar 95%
Cambodia 100%
Laos 60%