Poe-ma assistance Cambodia – Network set up

The capital (reach thani) and provinces (khaet) of Cambodia are first-level administrative divisions. Cambodia is divided into 24 provinces including the capital.

Municipalities and districts are the second-level administrative divisions of Cambodia. The provinces are subdivided into 159 districts and 26 municipalities.

The tourism industry focuse the Region Coordination of our Assistance Activities.

Most visitors (51%) arrived through Siem Reap with the remainder (49%) through Phnom Penh and other destinations.

Other major tourist destinations include Sihanoukville in the south west which has several popular beaches and the sleepy riverside town of Battambang in the east, both of which are a popular stop for backpackers who make up a large of portion of visitors to Cambodia. The area around Kampot and Kep including the Bokor Hill Station are also of interest to visitors.

In this Area we provide:

  • Assistant Regional Coordinator (ARC)
  • Mean of medical transport, ambulances etc.
  • Referring Doctor(s) and Nurse(s)
  • Medical structure(s)
  • Taxi(s)

In the main towns centrally located like Siem Reap, the ARC will also coordinate smaller town around where Poe-ma assistance has service providers.

Poe-ma assistance main office

Poe-ma Assistance (PA) Head Quarter is established in Phnom Penh (down town) at the following address:
59I, Street 13 – Sangkat Psar Kandal – Riverside.
Phnom Penh – Cambodia

Poe-ma assistance’s office is combined with Poe-ma insurances office and comprises the following mean of telecommunication:

  • 1 fix telephone line, (same office as Poe-ma insurances)
  • H 24 Internet connection (2 different providers for high quality service)
  • 3 Emergency Mobile H24 number for Emergency announcement Only
  • Personal mobile phone for Emergency treatment
Management of Poe-ma assistance in Cambodia

  • 1 Managing Director (With medical background)
  • 1 General Manager
  • 1 Assistant
  • 1 Accountant (same as Poe-ma insurances)
Transport and Equipment owned by Poe-ma assistance:

  • 1 modern Nissan 4×4 Pick-up for various combinated road transportation
  • 2 Wheelchair, leg-rest, various splints, oxygen, 3 pair of crutches etc.