Country presentation


  • Strategic location between India, China and the rest of ASEAN
  • The ASEAN country with the longest border with China (2,185 km)
  • Surface: 676 578 km² Slightly bigger than France
  • An important Coast line: 1930 km

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This mountainous country stretches North/South from 10 to 28.5 degrees of North Latitude;

That represents 2123 km in length and 1036 km in width;

Rich country in both human capacity and natural resources, Myanmar has over 54 million inhabitants who are used to travel not only for business but also for family purposes;

Following the successful opening of the country and the development of her economy, experts think that it may be possible that Myanmar could combine the growth of both Thailand and Vietnam.

Poe-ma assistance (PA) established its Head Quarter in Yangon and has selected 14 locations throughout the country in which ARC (Assistance Regional Coordinator) have been thoroughly agreed.

PA has selected a main ARC in Mandalay who is used to work with the other ARC or service providers in the center Zone.

Mandalay is located in the center of Myanmar and will soon become a hub in South East Asia as Bangkok and Singapore are today. This is due to its location but also to her International Airport having the longest runway length in Asia (4200 meters).This airport, presently in development, is located at 35 miles south of the town and can be reached by highway in 45 minutes from down town. This airport also beneficiates of a very large land for extension, Parking, hangar, MRO, Cargo area, second runway etc.

It is also known that Mandalay is the place where the tourists stay longer due to the multiple historical vestige attraction that exists around. The fact that now Mandalay is directly connected to Bangkok and Singapore will increase its development.

Chinese, India and USA Consulates are established in Mandalay as well as “Institut Francais” teaching French language for many years.

Wealthy local people around Myanmar have grouped themselves for purchasing Ambulances in various locations throughout the country;
They are managed by volunteer and serve to bring patients from remote villages to Town’s hospital; the service is available for everyone including foreigners.


Personal contact
H/P : +95 (0) 1 292 677

Assistance Emergency Number

+95 (0) 94 200 52 332

Emergency E-mail Address